William James Lombardy is an American International Chess Grandmaster(IGM), Chess writer and also has written, writes and plans to produce pertinent material on other subjects, but particularly on Ethics, Theology, History and Politics.

Understanding Chess: My System, My Games, My Life (2011)

This ambitious project consists of an exposé of Lombardy’s most important games viewed through the prism of his system for learning.

The 119 annotated games (including several unpublished games and 37 supplemental appendix games) are embellished by anecdotes and observations drawn from Lombardy’s remarkable career, spanning almost 60 years, from the early 1950’s to the present.

The first section of the book introduces the author’s background, how he came to learn chess, and how he came to formulate his theory of learning, as applied to chess, and how he thus ultimately became one of the top players of his day and, most importent, the truly preeminent and authoritative Chess Teacher and Coach of Bobby Fischer. [His most recent student is already officially a Grandmaster. [Nevertheless, Lombardy is dissatisfied that he is not yet and possibly will not become a True Champion!] In this book (“Understanding….”) the reader will find an articulated approach on how to learn the game in a well-rounded manner for those with long-term aspirations. The Teaching Scheme is proposed as simple and therefore effective. Also, for those who have learned to enjoy “reading’, the book contains a plethora of anecdotal material!

Future projects by William Lombardy


Two planned major subjects are expected to appear, one in a sizable volume called “Crapitalism” (which word Lombardy coined some forty years ago and which somehow crept into the Online Dictionary, without the authority of nor credit to its author, from that educational and commercial; Tool!).

Lombardy also plans an authentic volume(In Memoriam) on Bobby Fischer(Robert James Fischer), which volume should replace the fabulous and newly crafted (September 2015) film “Pawn Sacrifice”, which parades its product as “based on a True Story”. May it be an awesome but unlikely surprise if Lombardy does not oppose, with a serious Lawsuit, the arrogant Film Producers’ tampered version of “Truth” and their hijacking of Lombardy’s Person and Story, and may a similar fate be visited upon their Historical Consultant (Joseph G. Ponteroto(Ph.D, in Psychology!), who had prior to the film, published a fabulous work he entitled “Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer”. Since in his work PH.D Ponteroto displays but a passing knowledge of Chess History and of Fischer himself, by what Historical Knowledge does Doctor Ponteroto claim his acquired position of Historical Consultant to the project of “Pawn Sacrifice”? I can only presum that the teacher of Psychology had fallen behind on his mortage payments, or may have been dismissed by Fordham University, or worse, lost his practice.

Other books by William Lombardy


Modern Chess Opening Traps (1972)

U.S. Championship Chess (1975)

Chess Panorama (1977)

Chess for Children: Step by Step (1977)

Guide to Tournament Chess (1978)