A Situation, a human experience and/or scene that pictures or defines Crapitalism: On September 10, 2015, Dr. Gary Knoll(on Wbai–radio) was highly critical of researchers who made use of the tool of Psychobiography to confirm their personal opinions concluded prior to their own research. Father Lombardy expects to offer further criticism, with due respect, to the work “The Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer–by Joseph G. Ponteroto, PH.D., the author of that work. Father Lombardy notes that he himself holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology supported by massive hours in the use of Pastoral Counselling. Father Lombardy is unwilling to allow Ponteroto’s frivolous opinions to stand unchallenged.

Dr. Gary Knoll, September 11, 2015: Dr. Knoll related a story depicting the scene of a homeless woman sitting on a stool opposite a subway train station. After learning from the lady of her homeless condition and her problems connected with her homeless state, Dr. Knoll phoned a friend and asked her to consider putting up for a night that homeless lady. But before he took the homeless woman to her overnight one-day home, Dr. Knoll discovered that the homeless woman actually was a Medical Doctor! Seems the USA has gone considerable downhill in that Medical Doctor(of whom our society is in urgent need!) could be abandonned as Homeless! If that scene does not define Crapitalism(Lombardy’s word, coined some 40 years previous!), then we, within the glorious Lobbying Politics of Empire USA are missing the boat(or train!)