But let it also be said in this presentation of the Website, That there would have been no exposition of genius versus Spassky during the disputes at the start of the Reykjavik Match, had Lombardy not paved the way. Bobby and Lombardy were the only persons with the knowledge of what had been done (practical, Legal and Moral!) in order to continue and complete the Match. THat news will hopefully appear in Lombardy’s account of the Happenings at Reykjavik 1972! So Lombardy may now state in truth, that Iceland too still owes Lombardy a rather large debt, still unpaid!

Perhaps the Icelanders who Invested heavily in the Match would well have lost their shirts, as well as the Government itself, which might have been obliged to paper the wall of the Presidential House with the millions of dollars worth of Chess stamps and First-day Covers sold to collectors!

If having known nothing else of events but the saga of the Japanese Captivity, Iceland should have surmised or guessed what Lombardy had done to insure the completion of the Match of the Century, which event prospered quite some goodly numbers of wealthy Icelanders, and likely other Icelandic Citizens, to rise to greater wealth. Instead of defaming Lombardy in 1985, Iceland should have presented Lombardy with a serious reward. But no. Money in the pockets of the rich remains customarily and no-matter-what in those pockets. I there was another country Lombardy had loved it was Iceland. Lombardy hopes not to pass through the veil before he is recognized by a recalcitrant Iceland.

But Lombardy was less than honored by all major Chess contingencies, Icelandic or USA or all others! In the USA Chess World for many, many years, all legitimate avenues of exposition and communication and remuneration were denied Lombardy, who possessed explicit and authentic facts, unknown to past and current information on Fischer and on Chesssdom itself! Edmondson, for example, was and remains, a common thief, who “misplaced (US)$487,000! A man who helped himself, but claimed to help others! This Website will not be open to those whose Imperfect Truths have dominated Chess News for some three quarters of a Century. Further and hopefully, Lombardy will institute the Creation of a new Chess Federation that loves and respects high-ranking and seriously accomplished Masters.and and accurately fair and unmanipulated Ranking system, if indeed nothing else! But indeed other reforms will be planned!

Fischer has left to Valhalla and can no longer pay his debt to Lombardy and others. But Iceland is left with a serious obligation and so might think of compensation for Lombardy, for even actually dishonoring the name and person of a man of justice.

Fischer’s Icelandlic Friends, confidants and caretakers–some of whom profited from his new Icelandic presence– refused their responsibility and allowed Fischer to pass away. Lombardy too takes responsibility for the same. For his “Big Brother” failed to respond to his “little brother’s needs. Lombardy sorely regrets that he failed to travel from Holland to Iceland in December of 2007, in order somehow to convince Fischer to accept appropriate medical care towards the possible repair of his kidneys.

When and where in Holland in December of 2007, Lombardy was occupied in being honored by special ceremonies (also honoring other prominent Grandmasters, of whom Lombardy conversed with Grandmaster Fridrik Olafsson, who informed him of Fischer’s dire health condition.

Lombardy had regularly spoken by Transatlantic phone to Bobby, who failed to reveal his poor health. But Olafsson had filled that void! Yet too late it was when Lombardy had cause to regret because he himself failed to travel to Reykjavik(not so far away and not an inconvenient stopover via Amsterdam, in order to convince Fischer of his own best interests. Thus, Lombardy should have then travelled to Iceland if only to validate his rescue of Bobby from the murderous Japanese jailhouse!

Is all of Japan to be held as responsible to the violent and unlawful imprisonment of Fischer? Of course not. But his barbarous jailers are certainly still responsible for their awesome cruelty! And all this while the USA Government promoted the cruelty and applauded its results! And yet there is no news of any Japanese group or a single individual that has justly spoken out in opposition against the major crime perpetrated by their own government.