On the Subject of Chess, Grandmaster Ljubimir Kavalek (formerly a citizen of the Eastern Block Country of Czechoslovakia): For many years, Kavalek has chosen to make certain incredible assertions concerning his association with World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer.

I understand that Kavalek obtained his Chess Column in the Washington Post by offering the theoretical information that he himself was Fischer’s “Second” from the time of Game 13! But Kavalek over many years had continued to offer no documentation on the fabulous assertion. Kavalek has also, over these many years since the 1972 Reykjavik Match in Iceland, employed the Dutch International Periodical “New ‘N’ Chess, as his platform for his curious and uncertifiable statements on his assertions concerning the present subject.

The Reverend Father Lombardy, International Grandmaster and The Sole Official Second to Fischer, currently prepares his long-planned Biography of the Reykjavik Match. Kavalek should note that Lombardy is not yet brain-dead. The Reverend has fortuitously kept silence, for by that silence he has uncovered those who make fabulous assertions, for the not so innocent purpose of advancing their own low self-esteem.

Very much claiming the kudo of a reputable journal, New ‘N’ Chess has over the years aligned itself with those who prefer to express absolute falsehoods concerning Lombardy’s person. So one is not particularly surprised that that journal would accept statements concerning the Reverend’s person, without ever once contacting him so that the Reverend might have an opportunity for rebuttal.

But to return to Kavalek who has woven an entirely untrue version of the events that occurred during the adjournment of the 13th Game. As for the remaining games beyond game 13, there was no adjournment worthy of serious Official-Second analysis (or by any other random person), after that key result. Lombardy’s advice to Fischer in the adjournment of Game 13, which Fischer did indeed follow, caught Spassky off-guard and so won the crucial point for Bobby. As Bobby’s Official Second at Portoroz (and yeas, it happens that Lombardy was well accustomed to working with Fischer since that person was eleven and a half years old! Lombardy highly doubts that Kavalek would have known that simple fact!), Lombardy offered Bobby similar advice in his Game with Sherwin.

Ultimately and with some objection, Bobby also again followed Lombardy’s advice, and so he won a key game that would likely have been drawn by any alert and knowledgeable(of the Chess Endgame!) Master. As the next serious adjournment was that of Game 21, the final Game of the Match, Lombardy did work several hours on that adjournment. Fischer at last received Lombardy’s appraisal that Spassky would resign the game without resumption, and without appearing on stage to congratulate the New Champion, as a gentleman sportsman should have done.

Kavalek in New ‘N’ Chess” relates a false description of episodes that occurred during the study of the 13th Game Adjournment. Lombardy can relate by heart all the happenings of that Adjournment, studied through the wee hours of the pertinent night. If Kavalek should persist in his curious claims, then he should post his objections, if indeed he is so absolutely certain of his Wisdom, which Lombardy deems false. Furthermore, Lombardy is willing to accept a Lie-detector Test to substantiate his rebuttal. He also suggest that Kavalek avoid pursuit of that ideal. If Kavalek chooses to await Lombardy’s full Biography, then he should drop his claims and prepare serious apologies to The Washington Post, New ‘N’ Chess, the International Chess and Lombardy himself.

The administrators of “New ‘N’ Chess” should observe that the Material in Lombardy’s Website is Copyrighted. Therefore that Journal has no Right to publish the Material therein, nor indeed any other Material published by Lombardy. Despite the fact that that Journal has delighted Kavalek by regularly publishing Kavalek’s claims, that Journal is Currently considered as an innocent bystander with no legal interests in the matter. Kavalek, As Lombardy says, should respond before the appearance of Lombardy’s Biography, which appearance will be announced well in advance, for proper notice.

Lombardy offers a final query to Kavalek: “If Kavalek had proved himself so invaluable as Fischer’s Second during and after the 13th Game at Reykjavik, why indeed did Grandmaster Short suddenly dismiss as his own Official Match Second the Czech Grandmaster on the occasion of the English GM’s Match with Garry Kasparov?

Lombardy also notes Kasparov’s disrespect for and/or jealousy of Fischer. Kasparov was asked by a member of the Press concerning his(GK’s) opinion of the Match in Sveti Stefan? Kasparov’s all-too-curt response was The play of “Two old has beens!”

So Kasparov, whatever his intentions, also asserted horrendous disrespect for both Fischer and Spassky, whose result was no worse than that achieved in Reykjavik. Besides, Spassky played minimally at least two quite brilliant Games in that second match with Fischer.

So as all his associates clearly see, Lombardy is not dead but has chosen a prudent silence over the years. He has duly noted all the claims on his person by usurpers well accustomed to take credit for the Hard work and expertise of that Grandmaster, still loyal to the Art of Chess, but certainly not loyal to any Chess Person or Entity who or that practices Crapitalistic Chess! [To be continued in Lombardy’s Biography.]