Incidentally, Fischer never thought to reward Lombardy for the massive assistance the new champion received over many years, training prior to the Match, convincing him to continue the Match towards the World Championship Title(Bobby’s life’s dream!)in the Great Match, general advice essential to Bobby’s well-being and watching over the distracted Champion when he might fall into dangerous trouble! At Match End, Lombardy considered a true, easy and worthwhile way of getting some reward. For he knew Bobby’s greatest flaw was parsimony. He was never rich, but nevertheless he had the habit of the Rich man’s custom of money flowing but one way, into his own purse! Lombardy waited behind the stage, while Bobby signed the scoresheet, which act certified his winning the World Chess Championship Title.

Lombardy held a fresh copy of “My 60 Memorable Games” by Bobby Fischer, but authored with theassistance of Grandmaster Larry Evens. Spassky chose not to be present on stage or in the hall at all, as a gentleman sportsman was expected to do. Turned out that the true gentleman was BHobby, even with all the fuss he ventured to construct! But were that comment the sole criticism of Spassky, we would have no complaints. But more of that point shall be related later. After the brief ceremony with Arbiter Lothar Schmid, Bobby headedtoward the exit. Lombardy joined him and accompanied him to the waiting car, which would bring him back to Hotle Loftleidir.

When the Champion and is Second were seated in the back seat of the car, Lombardy handed his the Boob. “What’s this?” Bobby asked. “Sign it,” Lombardy answered, “I want your First Official Autograph as Champion!” Bobby quietly obliged, a rare moment, when he either hadno objection or discovered that he could not object. So after he signed, he asked, “Should I write something?” Lombardy answered, “Whatever comes from your heart.” The content of Bobby’s statement will be found in Lombardy’s Biography of the Match. After Bobby Finished writing and returned the book to Lombardy, The Second hand the to he driver(Reykjavik Chief-of-Police qua Fischer’s bodyguard. Lombardy asked Simundur to oblige by witnessing the signing. Simundur cordiallt obliged by witnessing Bobby First Autograph as World Chess Champion. Thus on this occasion by autographing with his first signature(Official Autograph post-Match), in “My 60 Memorable Games”, Lombardy gained some remote form of payment for his services. For Bobby never gave Lombardy a red cent for the services received. Lombardy received some compensation from the Icelandic Organizers and The Us Chess Federation, but the payment received far from compensated Lombardy for May, June, July and August and part of September, with hardly a break in the schedule! To repeat, Bobby never parted with a dime of his own funds,that is until he discovered that Lombardy was endemic to rescuing the Champ from the evils of the Japanese prison! See when published, Lombardy’s Biographical Account!

By the way, more than one writer claimed authority by copying from Lombardy’s Sports Illustrated Article! By some physical miracle, Lombardy’s eyesight was restored, owing to the consumption a a multi-vitamin called Theragram-M, which was at the time the only such Vitamin containing an antioxidant! “Miracle of Miracles!” Bobby though to punish Lombardy in another drastic form and some twenty years later, which incident will be found in the aforementioned Biography!

During the Match delay-of-games debacles, Lombardy found the way to convince Fischer to continue the Match. That crucial conversation between the pair will appear in Lombardy’s work on his own Biographical treatise on the Match and one other rude association with Fischer over the years, specifically in 1978!

Lombardy has not seen any instance of regret in sympathy for Fischer in his harassment and unjust treatment and illegal punative treatment by the USA Government backed by the murderous Japanest jailors! But all sorts of creatures with ugly political adgendas attacked him with vengeful ferocity! But still, concerning the emergency of the unjust jailing of Fischer in Japan, one more courtesy was requird by the World Champion, whose Title had been usurped some 23 years before he arrived in Iceland his Official Savior, in order .to revive Bobby’s opinion of the relationship between Fischer and his true friend Lombardy, who had in effect single-handedly rescued Bobby from the brutal Injustice he had experienced in the brutality of the Japanese Jailhouse.

Of course, the cruel Injustice was fostered by the prompting of the Liberty and Justice Government of the (paradoxically!) Obama Administration, and, of course the George DWI Bush Administration! Lombardy believes that Obama, inherited by Bush, was experiencing an inept and incurable “delusions of grandeur”! Fischer had not remotely violated the presumptuous and Unnlawful Law known as the Serbian Boycott.

Simple? Not really when opposing oppresive government politics. But let us reveal that “Playing Chess in Serbia was not on the List of Proscribed Items of that inordinate Law! The result of that Oppression? Fischer was physically damaged: physically(likely fatally,, by brutal beatings and starvations by the Japanese Jailers, who were strangely fervently cooperating with a Government that had some half Century earlier, and without regard to any idea of Civilized behavior, Without Truth or necessity, Harry S. Trumandropped not one but two Atomic Weapons on an already defeated Japanese Government and helpless population. A deep mystery why any civilized but defeated Nation would even for so long after that mindless viscious act of devastation would cooperate with such an Imperious and vengeful Nation that woulld be so capable historically of such vile aggrssive revenge, and perhaps repeat the same!!

Furthermore, while Fischer had chosen remote safety outside his Native Land and had found a Japanese sweetheart, some brutally crimenal Lawyer(charged with supervising Bobby’s storage facility with so many most precious items chose to rob Fischer’s property in legitimate storage, and which storage had been duly paid for! A crimenal attorney that should have been at the least disbarred. But theft often occurs when the robber observes that he is not observed. So the robber feels safe! Should Bobby have been angry at this result? Well, he was very angry and the Press, as usual, labelled the Chapmpion as a lunatic. Very cute and very nice behavious indeed! So the robber so far escaped punishment for his crime! But we add to that episode the fact that the Ruler of the St. Louis “Hall of Fame” (to which Fischer had not agreed to allow the use of his precius Name, for use of entry into the indecent “Hall of Fame”!!), appears actually to have purchased for a pittance the bulk of that “stolen property”. According to any known legal system, the purchase and reception of stolen property is a serious crime!

But let us recall that Fischer was earmarked as insane and anti-American, and Anti-Semetic! Who would not be openly and loudly Angry versus the perpetrators of such cruel theft, aside from other crimes not yet mentioned, motivarted entirely by revenge? Who would not be terribly and justly angry at the abominable violence, motivated by some not-so-mysterious political and material gain? Are not those violent types truly the one to be assessed as INSANE?

So we may observe that Fischer’s critics were not and are not entirely angelic in their own behaviour(to say the least!), unless we observe that in the Sacred Scriptures, Satan, though “fallen”, is Scripturally officially Angelic!

When Fischer was freed from the Jail, he was so brutally beaten that his kidneys were irreparably damaged!he finally arrived at Reykjavik. He arrived in Iceland with some hope, but not of the type that springs eternal! But since he was well aware of Lombardy’s role in his dramatic rescue, his first and absolutely necessary act was a transatlantic call to Lombardy.
Presumably justly published, an open letter from Lombardy originally written in English, in Old Norse(translated from the English and not permitted to go beyond Icelans!) had been published in Morgun Bladid and addressed to the Icelandic Parliament. That Letter had convinced the Icelandic Legislative Body to hasten the bestowal of Icelandic Citizenship on Fischer. Once Bobby had Icelandic Citizenship, only then could the Icelandic Government assert the right to rescue the Man from his own Babylonian Captivity! No other body nor agency of the Press was alerted by informational notice nor given permission to publish news of that Letter! We may presume that the United States Embassy had translated that letter (if indeed published as promised in Morgun Bladid) and so the USA Ambassador was well aware of my rescue attempt that was ultimately successful!

In some very long overdue act of gratitude, the Champion (who was made aware of Lommbardy’s rescue mission!) uttered over the trans Atlantic phone basically one word to Lombardy– “You are the Rock!” Most authentically Scriptural! He had learned that Lombardy, at some considerable risk to his own person in a mission of decent Justice, had convinced the Icelandic Parliament quickly to make Bobby an Icelandic Citizen, which occurrence solely would have then allowed the Icelandic Government the right to extract the oppressed genius (and Just and Truthful Person!) from the brutal hands of all-too-cooperative jailer–and at long last fly to Reykjavik. But let us not forget the evil doers working behind the scenes! They are still at large and still working on Bobby, even now in his grave. Wonders never cease.