Without any argument of reason on the Cover–the Psychologist in following a well-worn path, already and immediately condemns a deceased Fischer, and later in the text ofthe book itself, that so-called literature condemns Fischer as “Mentally Ill” and that point right on the Book’s cover, without having given any reader a chance to consider what may or may not be considered factual! by serious evidence, which, in fact, does not appear in the book. By the way, Lombardy fails to consider Frank Brady an authority on Chess History, Bobby Fischer nor human natire. That opinion shall be far easier to assert and prove than the authority claimed by “The Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer, which Lombardy decided to choose as required investigative reading!

Perhaps and especially in reference to”Pawn Sacrifice”, we shall see who can claim legitimacy in a presentation of the Truth, Father Lombardy or the aforementioned and other profiteering thieves, who lack the minimum courtesy of applying for the permission for the use of his image and/or name in their most creative story. All who have assumed an authoritative position with the Film have already decided on the Identity of Fischer, without knowing him, without ever having met him, even second-hand and without knowledge of the facts.

Those curious types prefer to construct their own facts that coincide with their desperate politics, their false views and assessments of Chess History ,and World History, aside from the History of the Person(s) as subject(s) of the Film’s peculiar story.

The Person they prefer to criticize, let alone assault, even in the grave. For Profiteering knows but one Rule, the accumulation of money for self. Crapitalism on the March and out of control.

Lombardy also reluctantly admits the efficacy of Benjamin Franklin’s advice to avoid Lawyers, Judges and Courts that claim to support Justice, but notes that he is forced to oppose versions of the Imperfect Truth! Thus there will be a serious Suit, the aim of which is to correct falsehoods and collect damages. Father Lombardy’s aim will intend to correct a fabulous story and reconvert the imperfect truth into what actually is Truth. A “True Story?” The producers of the film “Pawn Sacrifice”, with the cooperation of actors Lombardy once admired, create a subtle violence against Lombardy’s Person,interwoven within the story with which they have tampered. So the Story it self become no more than a fable. The Producers then advertise the film as “Based on a True Story!” “True Story”

When he asked of Christ “What is Truth?” Pontius Pilate knew and respected more of the identity of Truth than the profiteers who distorted Fischer’s character and decided to continue to hunt him down, even in his grave. Pontius Pilate and Caiphas the High Priest bot cooperated in the persecution of Christ, for well did they know of a Christ-preached Sermon that would by the Emperor be considered as seditious. But Crapitalistic Profiteering is an entirely invalid reason for proposing the Imperfect Truth and or distorting the actual Historical events(Story!) and converiently inserting(probably for selfish political purposes, events, situations and conversation that never happened.