Since I view myself validly as both Psychologist and Historian, I state categorically that the PCVST Landlord’s behavior is no better than that perpetrated by the Nazis!



This Citizen has experienced and discovered the Truth as related to the distribution of Justice to the common citizen. With the Institution of Lobbying inserted into and immodestly saturating the New York State Body Politic, there is scant chance that a Citizen can expect to exercise a given Constitutional Right, namely “To air one’s grievances before a (Presumably: Fair-minded!) Judge and a Jury of one’s Peers.”

What is the current Practice of the Courts (Municipal, NY State and Federal) rudely gathered in Lower Manhattan’s Foley Square.

The List of abuses follows:

(1) The New York City Housing Court, the criminal behavior of that institution is so extensive as to deny any concise portrayal.

According to the office of the United States “District Attorney”, vindictive, abusive and therefore Criminal Behavior of a given Judge cannot be punished, because a person holding the Title of Judge (sic US District Attorney!) cannot be challenged, precisely because that person owns the Title of Judge.

In other words, a Housing Court Judge is “beyond any Law of decency or Justice. Fraud has become Law! In this, one must wonder of the Complicity of the US District Attorney’s Office itself!

No Citizen who expects Justice or even common decency should allow him/her self to be railroaded into the precincts of that absurd vehicle, which parades itself as a Court of Justice for Citizens. But in that Housing Court, I have been held captive for nearly two years, as if I were the accused in a Murder Trial!

(2) But what of The New York State Supreme Court, falsely established to hear “Appeals” handed down by the above NYC Housing Court and indeed any other Lower Court?

The NYS Supreme Court charges a fee to any who seeks redress. Pay for Justice! If one cannot afford said “Payment”, a citizen is expected to degrade his humanity by the Court’s requirement of filing in forma pauperis (Poverty!). Thus that So-dubbed “Supreme” Court does not mind violating my Constitutional Right(s)!

My experience from the arbitrary treatment from that absurd Body (also parading as a Court of Justice) is as follows: repeated, crude and brutal rejection of my correct filing for Appeal on a small slip of stick-paper on which was written in pencil the word “denied”, without any courtesy of explanation.

After repeated Filings (with expenditures from scant funds!) to that Court, from which I received the same brutal treatment, I was forced to enter a plea to the Higher “United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.”

A new Judge (no better than the previous Judges visiting harm upon my Person, a Judge named Loretta A. Preska observed “a prolonged “sitting on my Filing” until in legitimate protest of her undue delay, I commonly filed a “Writ of Mandamus” to the court above her (i.e., The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit), in the hope of prompting that “Judge” to act.

Apparently that Judge is well unaware that “Slow or Delayed Justice or Paid-for Justice equals No Justice,  and therefore a Violation of my (and indeed any other Citizen’s Constitutional Rights!”).

Without any explanation, the Second Circuit Judges denied my Filing by citing her favorite Rule (FRAP), which Rule they do chose to explain.

In my view and that of other Authorities, my Case has become, through the hardly instructive use of Legal Technicalities, among the worst cases of Total Injustice! I have been forced to file a plea to the Supreme Court, when two Lower Courts observing absurd and impertinent Rules and whose Judges attend far too many cozy luncheons at restaurants around Foley Square, decided to deny my my Constitutional Right “To air my grievances before a (fair-minded) Judge and a Jury of my Peers!” So far, I have yet to encounter a Judge who should remain on the Bench, let alone suffer Jail-time!


1) Prior to the formal filing of the Case, the Landlord Compass Management, on the verge of bankruptcy and desperate to travel any avenue of profiteering to save itself, took the route of numerous harassments upon my person. [My team has collected a list of Harassments of other elderly and disabled tenants. The Law applies a Fine of $5000.- per incident. But I have yet to observe any application of that Law. ]

(a) More than once on one or another pretext, the Landlord’s “Public Safety” personnel violently demanded entry into my home. Once, on the absurd pretext of “a Health Check” one late morning when I was still fast asleep. Accompanied by a Social Worker”(who happened to be employed by Stuyvesant Town, these persons actually broke down my door. Worse than mere “harassment? Obviously! I had learned that the presumptuous Social Worker received an annual salary of some $60,000-! Fascinating. The door was knocked off its hinges and into total disrepair. A new door had to be installed.

Related to that break in but given the fact that entirely alone to capably manage my own affairs, I delayed several weeks to arrive at the local 13th Police Precinct to record the “break-in”, perpetrated by the Landlord, who consciously violated my home and person, in order to show me who’s boss.

I believe Lawyer Michael Prince of Compass was the main authority for such violations. I had written that attorney a letter of “cease and desist” but he paid me no mind. When my case arrived at the Housing Court, that letter was published in the Court Docket, to which none of their Judges paid any mind. My experience at the Precinct was somewhat peculiar, especially since the desk officer was decidedly unwilling to record my statement.