Victims: All who occupy any apartment Landlords feel that require “Apartment Renovations” under the Guise of MCI (Major Capital Improvement), Namely and particularly, the Elderly, the Disabled and the Poor or bordering on impoverishment.

Rapists: Lawyers, Landlord Administrators and anyone else who serve he purpose of ousting a given Tenant from his/her Home.

The Scene: A large Hard Foam Mattress, on which may be thrown one or more captives to be prepared for, and subject to, Rape!

The Tale—[“One dark evening in a well hidden room in a remote tenement building removed from any possible suspicious sounds, an especially recalcitrant vicim was stripped and violently thrown face-down onto the bed. His arms were outstretched and restrained by chains at the end of each was a leather tie. The victim had been particularly rebellious for almost two years and was therefore to be subject to more regularly violent treatment. The Lawyers serving the Landlord and the Landlord Administrators, along with the Judges of the NYC Housing Court, took turns in the planned Rape.

One Rapist, a Fraudulent Attorney, was particularly violent, forced so great the sounds of anguish and complaints emitted from theVictim, that even at that remote and subversive location, the clamor attracted attention.

Suddenly there came from without shouts and hammering on the locked door. One of the Attorney Rapists, committed to his ardent and impetuous efforts, suddenly panicked and withdrew his machine from his efforts of pleasure. The hammering at the door became more intense and with that, the Rapist leapt off the bed. So, with his hastened leap, his wallet, laden with a large quantity of large-numbered bank notes, fell from his back pocket.

In his haste to escape notice and/ or capture, the active Rapist failed to notice his loss. After the rescuers freed the elderly man from his bonds, the Victim noticed the wallet and quietly stuffed same into his own back pocket.

Later, the Rapist, having regretted his financial loss, tried to reclaim the moneys in his wallet as funds he deserved to be returned to himself?! The Rapist in effect demanded to be rewarded for the Rape forced upon his Victim?

But this was not the end of the Tale! The Judges and the Court-Appointed Attorney for the Victim by the Housing Court both opined that such moneys represented funds to be defined as “back-rent”! Aren’t that nice! How charming! But nevertheless, how absurd!

And still, the Attorney, having abruptly quitted the Bed of Rape, repeated his claim to the presiding Judge that truly “the tenant owed back-rent of $49,000,”—!!

The presiding Judge quietly listened to that brutally false claim and seemed to have accepted that fraudulent assertion, that is, until the Victim quietly added: “If I owed $49,000.–, my butt would have long ago been tossed out into the street!”

To that, the Judge smiled, and seemed to smile in agreement with the Victim of the Rape. But her “agreement was tentative and abusive!

The Learned Judge (also currently being sued for damages in Federal Court!) suddenly pronounced her decision to hold immediate Trial upstairs in another Courtroom with a new Judge, equally oppressive to the requirements of Justice for the Victim of Rape,(and thus also being herself sued in Federal Court!) and such trial to be continued that very afternoon.

When the Rape Victim quietly cried in anguish of the gross unfairness of an immediate Trial without time to prepare for the Victim”(as if he were a common criminal, as are the Rapists pursuing him!). But the Learned Judge nevertheless re-pronounced her absurd, oppressive and entirely Unjust decision. The Victim began to consider that he was the Victim of Lobbying, currently and uniformly practiced by the New York Sate Legislature and United States Congress(noticedWorldwide!).

Fortunately the Rape Victim suffered an episode of Vertigo and so failed to appear for that so-called Trial in was was essentially a Kangaroo Court! of progress (!) of decent Housing nor that the application of Justice concerns not the crude behavior of the New York City Housing Court, nor the presenting Landlords, who customarily drag into those precincts the particularly helpless victims(So they believe!) of the Elderly, the Disabled the impoverished or any combination of such targets. Simply put, the judges of said Court of Justice pursues policies that present the Court as “an exchange place for Landlords”.

The New York City Housing Court not do its Judges do concern itself with the behavior or ethics of its own Judges nor the attorneys for the Stuyvesant Town apartment development managed by Compass—DLL. Those latter have the free run of that Court and are allowed free reign! Thus a Citizen can expect no Justice in those precincts, nor even basic decency!

Submitter by I, (The Reverend) William J. Lombardy, (MA, M.Div and MA), in low regard for the NYC Housing Court, in my person and to and towards the bench of Judge Milin, so that she and her associated Judges may be instructed of my Constitutional Right to represent myself, and thus to appoint such persons I choose to represent my person when I cannot be present in the Court (particularly in this criminally prolonged Case of almost two years!), even when it does not please the Judge of the aforesaid Court that such appointee is not accepted as a “Lawyer”!. I had long ago decided to represent myself, without the dubious privilege of the assistance of a lawyer, whether Court-appointed or otherwise.

The Judge claimed that were I not to be personally present at any Court date, then I must have a 

Lawyer represent me, rather than, as has been my Legal Right and custom. I had thus chosen the assistance of Mr. David Siudzinski and/or John Carlo—or both. In fact, those generous person choose gratis to provide their most able assistance!

The Learned Judge Milan is prejudicial towards Lawyers and against the presence of non-Lawyers in her Court, while I care not for any given Lawyer generally to speak for me. As far as I know, the Judge’s opinion is prejudicialto my Constitutional Right of “Self-representation.” Thus she is entirely out of step with my own Constitutional Right of self-representation!

In other words, if for any reason I were not to be present in the Court(as ordered by the Court), then a punitive Default Judgment might well be criminally applied by the Court), then I might well be unfairly and Unjustly penalized by a “Court actually applying that so-called “Judgment”. 

In fact, earlier in this Case, Judge Katz had already pronounced such a vile “Default Judgment”, when she neither accepted the validity of my reasonably , together with the meaning of the phraseology of the contents of that document, generally meant to protect the Citizen and not an Oppressive and Prejudicial Court.

However, and for some time, that Default Judgment stood for about a year to plague me, hanging over my head like the Sword of Damcles! Default Judgment”(which had been pronounced through the offices and dubious authority of Judge Katz)did not proceed further.That only because NY Court-Appointer Attorney decided on is own volition to trade off what was essential to the defense of my defense, The following will support this statement.