My Dear Mayor,

The first and only time I saw you personally was at the seductive announcement of the sale of Stuyvesant Town, This was at the Baruch Center. 

You began your speech as I arrived. Yes, I am the person with a gray beard and a cane. Apparently, you are somewhat short -sighted, for you seemed not to notice nor said any word to my assistance as no fewer than four public safety officers decided that I was a misplaced person and should be extracted. 

I had to firmly instruct one of those creature to remove his hands from my person, which situation is technically and minimally assault. You should not be Mayor if you believe that a man with a gray beard and a cane is “out of order.” 

Still you remain delivering your speech. The “Security” Person remained close to me with his hands ever ready to pounce. I quietly waved my hands to remove his body to a respectable distance. As the man moved back, about a foot, another creature informed me that I “was trespassing”. 

I asked that creature not to instruct me, since the Baruch Center and College is paid for by public funds. I could also have told him that I knew Bernard Baruch. But what would that matter to such a creature. I also learned from the person administering the building that he had observed the entire affair. But since I am not blind, I knew he was too far away to decently observe. He, like myself, says that he is “disabled.” But there is not a single seat in the auditorium that properly accommodates the “Disabled”. 

Still the effort to extract continued while you continued your his-sounding speech. I firmly stated that I had a perfect right to attend this event. I regret having voted for you since you are not a Mayor for the needs of the People. Sorry, but the evidence is clear. 

Finally, is the City to become my Landlord at Stuy Town? I understand that the City has purchased the Stuy Town “Air Rights” for the ghastly impressive sum of $350,000,000! 

What could be behind that scheme? Perhaps the City could assist me against the Landlord’s entirely illegal eviction for reasons of his own profiteering. Are you in charge of supervising the New York City Housing Court? That Court is rather well known “as an exchange place for the Landlord!” Even when I moved to a higher Court, CompassRock (Stuy Town’s management) tried to drag me back to the Housing Court! Bring back Jimmy Walker. At least he had rhythm!