So here stand I served by my Stuyvesant Town Landlord with a Third Official Eviction Notice. The profiteer mongers, with the repeated aid of their brutal Legal Team, are content to repeat the same crime, supported by the repletion of the same fraudulent mathematics, thus to support their consistent crime.

When at Baruch College auditorium during a presumably Stuy Town tenant information reunion, I first heard the new owner’s address, I learned that he was dealing from the bottom of the deak. The man used the Term “Market Rate” apartments to be made copiously available! I correctly presumed that He decided he was addressing the ignorant. For who decides on the nature of “Market Rate”? The simple answer: the sweet-sounding profiteering and super-wealthy New Landlord! By the way, when I arrived, the Mayor was already speaking. Noting my beard, cane and elderly disabled state, no fewer than six members of the Baruch Security Team were content to attempt to extract me from the hall. I had to shoe off one of the particularly aggressive goon-square’s Security Team: “Please remove your hands from my person.” “You have to leave,“ said the brute, “This is private property.” “You are wrong,” replied I, “This institution is supported by government and other tax-deductible funding, and is therefore not at all Private Property. Furthermore, this is a public meeting, the attendance at which I have a perfect right.” I still had to continue pushing that so-called Security Person’s hands from assaulting my person. Within this continued commotion, not a single one of the politcian speakers thought to come to my assistance. The manager of the Hall, whom I later chanced to meet, was also disabled. He should have been embarrassed at this event. But instead claimed “to have seen everything,” as if I were in the wrong! What that disabled creature had not suspected is “that I retain complete evidence of the occasion” for possible future reference. I also thought to inform that “disabled” Manager that “his” Institution does not provide facility for the disabled. Finally, I am content to conclude and recommend strong reluctance to vote for any on stage that afternoon. Nor believe as containing any truth, the words of that New Owner!

So here I am for almost two years a regularly targeted victim of the Stuyvesant Town Landlords and their regular legal team. As if the accused in a Murder Trial, I have been and continue to be assaulted by those criminals. Those practiced liars repeat their lies and repeat the false figures under the guise of truth, for which they have not the slightest respect. Those Criminals delight in their Main Tool, the use of the NYC Housing Court, which never or hardly ever decides in favor of the Tenant. These in virtuous persons continue to use as their only tool that violent Housing Court, which no longer can claim, if ever it could validly claim, any Authority in my case.

As a defendant in and Eviction Suit, I already have set a World Record for length-of-Case! But I have already been received to ocean my Case at the Federal Appeals Court, an act I was consistent;y denied by the Housing Court. Thus I must deny readers of this account comments that should be said only in Court. But, if I may be permitted, one further salient episode. Despite the fact that the Housing Court had denied and continued to deny me My US Citizen’s Constitutional Right to “Trial by Jury,”, that imperious Housing Court decided to take, for the benefit of the Stuy Town Legal Team and the ST New Owner(who seems to know nothing about the case!), a final and brutal last shot at my person.

At this point, the last Friday in March of 2016, arrived at my door a rare Chess Student. When I opened the door to greet him, there taped on my door in shabby array was the latest “Eviction Notice” authorized by NYC Housing Court at the Motion of the ST New Landlord and his Legal Team, a constant and holdover from the previous owner. The date of the Document is March 28th, the coming Monday. So in clear Violation to my Constitutional Religious Right, those Lawyers pasted the Eviction Notice on Good Friday. As I understand that most of those lawyers are connected with Judaism, I do assert that that group would fail to appreciate a similar action against them on Yom Kippur. Of course, I also fail to claim that, given their importunate behavior, that any in their group at all practices the tenets of decency proffered by Judaism.

As in the first notice of Eviction “served” me almost two years ago, that Service was done with no notice of nor respect for the Legal Manner in which such a document must be served. The Official Server is allowed to Serve but once in a given day, and must Serve in-person. The Law is intended to prevent a rash of Eviction against incapax tenants(The Elderly, Disabled and/or Impoverished). One cannot say whether the Server Served more than one Service. We can say that he did not Serve Personally. Most likely another Janitorial Attendant received a pectinous benefit for his own assistance. So far, the Stuy Town Group has not quite come up to any observance of the Law.

But what those inauspicious types could not have expected, was the speedy action of the Federal District Court Judge, who had immediately noted the NYC Housing Court’s Violation of My Constitutional Right to a “Trial by Jury”, with which it failed to provide me and evidently never provides any of the unsuspecting defendants of Landlord Suits brought against them. And that is no mere technicality but Law that must be faithfully observed! For when the District Court Judge noticed that Housing Court had denied me My Constitutional Right to the common law right of a trial by jury under the Seventh Amendment and confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court (see Pernell v. Southall Realty, 416 U.S. 363 (1974)), she quickly notified the U.S. Marshalls to serve my complaint on the NYS Court System. Also we know as certain two other ideals. (One) Neither the Housing Court nor the ST Lawyers notified the Federal Court of the New Eviction Notice. (Two) That these need not now be concerned with that propriety, since my part has duly Notified the District Court of their (Housing Court and the ST Landlord) unkindly attempt on my Person.

Thus it is also truly noted, that since the NYC Housing Court failed to provide for My Constitutional right and regularly does not provide for that Right for anyone, so, therefore that Court has lost any Authority in the given conduct of the case against my Person and should, for whatever excuses these may propose, not be serving nor have served the Notice of Eviction crudely taped to my door, which was so affixed Contra Legem!

By the way, the door of my apartment, was my home for almost forty years. My Tenancy for which I have paid rent Protected by SCRIE for over a Decade! That rent remained the same ($1232.93 for the same period, that same decade. And also was to have remained protected upon the renewal of my Lease in May 2015! That is until someone tampered with my SCRIE account, to the extent likely of hacking the very SCRIE Computer!

Highly likely, by the bye, some mysterious person(s), who did tamper with my SCRIE Account. I beed a computer person to help discover the culprit. But, literally, the one party who may have benefited from that crime is the venerable ST Legal Arm.

One fine day, I received a Notice from SCRIE that I was deceased! Having found time a few days later, I visited SCRIE’s Office to investigate. The gentleman who checked the computer clearly was startled! He had noticed that even though the computer acclaimed my death, my live person sat before him. Now someone had to have illicitly entered the SCRIE Computer. Despite my studies in Theology, I have never been accused of being naive. But the SCRIE Official said there was some mistake and that, since my Account had been terminated, I must then reapply to open an account. I agreed and thought that the process would be simple. But in bureaucracy, there is nothing S-i-m-p-l-e! I gave him from memory my Social Security Number, which strangely conceded with the number already on his computer. But that was insufficient. “Do you ave a Social Security Card?” He asked. I counter-inquired: “Why would I have, carry or even find at home a paper card some 64 years old?” “As if he were dealing with a criminal, the man demanded more identity. I calmly extracted from a wallet my photo-ID driver’s license, traditionally obtained by providing the NYS Motor Vehicle Bureau with a SS#! Neither was that sufficient for that bureaucratic and discourteous type. He failed to reopen the SCRIE Account that afternoon. And shortly thereafter, I received a notification that my SCRIE Account had been closed. Lunatics running the asylum? No indeed! Lunativs are far from that ignorant!

Later, I received the following Notice from SCRIE: “Your account has been closed for the following reasons: Your account was terminated because on September of 2015 you failed to renew….” False! But I have saved the evidence for a substantial Suit against SCRIE. Soon enough SCRIE will discover that it has underestimated this elderly’s senility! A warning I had given ST Lawyer Michael Prince, before he had sent ST Security to inspect my Apartment on pretext of a “Health-Check! Incidentally, the text of my letter was posted on the Docket of the Housing Court. Perhaps much grief might have been avoided had the Judges of that Court and the ST Lawyers and Owner had read that letter!

I hope most readers have benefited from the present expatiation of my work. Sincerely, (The Rev.) Father William J. Lombardy, MA, M.Div. and M.A.—International Grandmaster of Chess, author of eight Chess Books, Working on an Autobiography, the Fischer Story (endemic to the last!) AND a Book entitled “Capitalism is Spelled C-R-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-S-M.” I had some forty years ago coined the word Crapitalism, which almost three years ago found its way into the Online Dictionary, but without my permission!