Your holiness,

I am a ordained catholic priest recently as of may 27 celebrating the 49th anniversary of ordination, into the priesthood tu es  sarcerdos in aetarnum secundum ordained Melchisedech which is a clear theological statement that the ordination to the priesthood is valid and permanent, and no one whoever it is or whichever statue within the church should be tolerant of any such idea of a validly ordained priest being reduced to the lay state.

This was the only offer of help that the current archbishop of New York Dolan offered me.

While I was being oppressed by illegal processes of eviction by the landlord of Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant town, the arch bishop of New York simply looked on from a distance without offering any form of assistance. So he now qualifies the who described such oppressors as tinkling bells and sounding symbols who have no love. I cannot read his conscience but he certainly stood and did nothing while I was being illegally oppressed, so I cannot commend him as a virtuous person, and I feel sorry that you decided after such a long time in the name of the church that you offered apology to the inverted community, it is time for the church to do more than apologize for the oppression since the church has for centuries been guilty of conduct that would require far more than mere apologies. In fact the necessity of the use of the word Reparations comes clearly to mind, one confesses their sins or sorrow, but if you do not make up for the damages that you have causes, then technically sins are not forgiven. So the church who for century has burned people at the stake, I know that the church has conducted which hunts and hearsay trials whereby people were punished by burning on the stake and other punishments which they could , one of the richest men in New England was from the Beaufort Baroness family and so, there are so many groups that deserve Reparations and  apologies that the number is phenomenal but it is necessary to complete and to put into practice in order to demonstrate the sincerity of the holy mother of the church.

So it is now a questions for the archbishop who sat and pretended that he knew nothing of what was happening to me. For some reason unknown to me the NY times real estate journalist contacted the arch diocesan press corps, who demonstrated no understanding or knowledge of theology when they stated that I am not really a priest and wanted to dismiss anything I say, and hence I refer to the latin phrase above, it is high time that the church demonstrated that it has had enough about … about molestation of youth by certain priests and only seems to be worried about the lawsuits and not worried about the moral issues involved, they were more interested in the press corps, its authoritarian position than acting on the word of Christ, love one another and love those who hate you or possibly disagree with you.

Here I stand raped by a Landlord worth $12 billion, Mr Kaufman by name, all in the cause of self will and in gaining my apartment so he can oppress others with unlawful rent charges. I shall go into details on this when I account for the landlord himself and Stuyvesant town, meanwhile my issue is to correct the churches position on where to help its children who are oppressed. I am one of those children, sad to say. Much more detail will follow later in other discourses, concerning other areas and issues, but for now the issue is the church and its result to the actual molestation of one of its priests or clergy, myself. I has been said that the wheels of the church grind very slowly, and ever so fine, I am not concerned with slow grinding or fine grinding that takes centuries to address and correct, no one lives long enough nor deserves the abuse that is ultimately delayed because the church will not react, except in its own good benefits.

So your holiness, there is so much to do and so little time to do it, but one act along the lines of what I have mentioned in this note would change the atmosphere in the church whereby the people will have gained great confidence in the ability of the church to act impartially and morally. You as Pope, are capable of acting independently and as a result of your own conceded thinking, so I beg you to start putting things right.

Perhaps you shall receive other notifications on this issue, but I assure you that whatever I provide you is verifiable information with more than one source,.

I thank you for you your kind attention, and I know you were almost slated to be pope because of your actions as archbishop in Buenos Aires.  As you may know I am also an Ajedrecista of high rank and have been invited numerours times to participate in Argentinian chess events, and was even present in 1978 when Argentina sponsored the world Chess championship. So Argentina was a kind of a second home for me and I am delighted that as a Catholic Archbishop you find it symbolically just to ride the bus to work, instead of a chauffeured limousine, which would have evidently been at his disposal at any time.

Anyway I appreciate your attention to my words, and I beg your indulgence and thank you for your patience.