Grandmaster Lombardy Visits the 3rd Annual Port of Burlington Open


On Friday evening, January 14th, I received a call from Mr. Stephen Plotnick. He asked me about my upcoming 3rd annual Port of Burlington FIDE Open next weekend on the 28th of January. He said his son was really improving in chess with his new coach. He also asked if he could play and help direct the Rated Beginner Open (RBO) and get 5 rated games to help him up to the 25 required to be a local TD. I said sure, I am glad to help any aspiring TD, as there are too few of us as it is. Then he dropped the L bomb on me. “Yes, and I am bringing GM William Lombardy with me.”

“Sure, that would be OK….” I answered. Then, I offered a small speakers fee if GM Lombardy would give a lecture on the Friday before the tournament. Mr Plotnick yelled across the room to GM Lombardy and checked to see if he had the time to drive from the Chicago area to Burlington before 7 p.m. Everything checked out, and we were set.

GM William Lombardy arrived and talked to a small but enthusiastic crowd (yes, I will admit much smaller than at President Trump’s inauguration) at the Mississippi Manor Bed and Breakfast in Burlington, Iowa. GM Lombardy was dropping pearls of wisdom on the crowd. We were enthralled with stories of Najdorf’s 86th birthday party in Buenos Aries. Matt Power’s children, Clive and Josiah, even impressed GM Lombardy with their eloquent vocabulary and knowledge of Shakespeare!

GM Lombardy’s main point on chess was: Learn to play chess blindfolded! It will save you time because you won’t spend your time setting up and putting away the pieces. That is a concept I hadn’t thought of. I am going to ask GM Timur Gareyev on that one.

The people who came would probably still be chatting if I hadn’t had to call time. GM Lombardy probably needed some sleep after driving 4 hours, and I had to meet the custodian of The Loft in Burlington to set up the chess tables and get the espresso machine ready for the morning. At Last year’s Burlington Open, I neglected to bring my espresso machine as I had the first year of the Open. I never heard the end of it! In downtown Burlington, all the coffee houses close at 2 p.m., and there is no good coffee to be had. I like to take care of my chess players.


The next day, GM Lombardy came with his new adopted family, the Plotnick’s. I made GM Lombardy a coffee, and he sat down at the fair trade marketplace of The Loft where he proceeded to hold court. Players would go down and chat. GM Lombardy signed whatever was placed in front of him, told stories and answered questions about Bobby Fischer, and went over the games of any player who had guts enough to approach him. Well, once the first player did, then everyone started doing it.

Dr. Connie Pieper came up to me while her 11 year old sons, Justin and Eric, were having one of their games analyzed by GM Lombardy. She was amazed and asked, “Is that really GM Lombardy? Is it the same one that coached the 11-year-old Bobby Fischer and is now explaining my son’s chess game move by move?”

I could only look back at her and smile, “Yes it sure is.” Then, as she walked off, I called out to her, “You know, you should probably take a picture.” I could see her do an internal Homer Simpson “Doh!” inside her head as her pace quickened to get downstairs to capture the picture while it was still happening.

NTD William Broich, an avid chess historian, was beside himself with delight. After the RBO and reserve sections were complete, I watched the Open section for Bill as he and GM Lombardy talked away for a couple hours.


The tournament’s champion, Rithwik Mathur, drew his fourth game with Arshaq Saleem in a quick fashion. I joked with him as he passed by about taking a grandmaster draw, to which GM Lombardy scowled, “If you want to get better you never go for a draw, I am a grandmaster I should know!” I had to chuckle.


I love Rithwik as I have watched him mature. I remember at the first Burlington Open when I was explaining the difference between FIDE and USCF rules he was insistent on getting an extra queen at his side to make sure he had one. And when I played him, he called NTD Broich over to complain about me as I would write “c4 BOOM!” on my scoresheet whenever either player landed a piece on the c4 square (GM Wesley So had just lost a game for writing on his scoresheet. I also draw a boat when I land a queen to e2). I stopped my extra writings for the rest of the game. Rithwik then sat and spent time with GM Lombardy getting Fischer stories.

GM Lombardy found a local cigar store, bought some fancy cigars, and would walk outside. When he came in, he smelled like my great grandfather and his King Edward cigars. We always got the boxes for our school supplies as a kid.


Suresh Kumar won the 3rd annual Port of Burlington reserve section. Mr. Kumar’s good deeds were well rewarded as he drove Darina Kulaha, a Ukrainian high school foreign exchange student, to the tournament and Siva Mennengi and his mother home. His Car had 90% of the prize money on the ride home as Darina won 2nd, and Siva tied for 3rd.


The 3rd annual Port of Burlington rated beginners open ended in a three way tie between Lisa Acherkan, John Nealy Thomas, and Krishna Bharadwaj—with John Nealy Thomas winning on tiebreaks. My heart went pitty pat as Lisa is my chess student, and she has been losing close games at tournaments recently. I have been telling her she was playing well, and she just needed to watch for hanging pieces. She looked out! And she was rewarded.

Overall, I had a great time running the Port of Burlington FIDE Open. We had players from three and half federations represented (Eva Harrison is a dual citizen from Germany and the United States). Many players will earn their FIDE rating from this tournament. The late Sevan Muradian would be proud. I feel blessed for having GM Lombardy come to my tournament and loved the joy it created amongst my chess players.

An open letter to the Pope

Your holiness,

I am a ordained catholic priest recently as of may 27 celebrating the 49th anniversary of ordination, into the priesthood tu es  sarcerdos in aetarnum secundum ordained Melchisedech which is a clear theological statement that the ordination to the priesthood is valid and permanent, and no one whoever it is or whichever statue within the church should be tolerant of any such idea of a validly ordained priest being reduced to the lay state.

This was the only offer of help that the current archbishop of New York Dolan offered me.

While I was being oppressed by illegal processes of eviction by the landlord of Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant town, the arch bishop of New York simply looked on from a distance without offering any form of assistance. So he now qualifies the who described such oppressors as tinkling bells and sounding symbols who have no love. I cannot read his conscience but he certainly stood and did nothing while I was being illegally oppressed, so I cannot commend him as a virtuous person, and I feel sorry that you decided after such a long time in the name of the church that you offered apology to the inverted community, it is time for the church to do more than apologize for the oppression since the church has for centuries been guilty of conduct that would require far more than mere apologies. In fact the necessity of the use of the word Reparations comes clearly to mind, one confesses their sins or sorrow, but if you do not make up for the damages that you have causes, then technically sins are not forgiven. So the church who for century has burned people at the stake, I know that the church has conducted which hunts and hearsay trials whereby people were punished by burning on the stake and other punishments which they could , one of the richest men in New England was from the Beaufort Baroness family and so, there are so many groups that deserve Reparations and  apologies that the number is phenomenal but it is necessary to complete and to put into practice in order to demonstrate the sincerity of the holy mother of the church.

So it is now a questions for the archbishop who sat and pretended that he knew nothing of what was happening to me. For some reason unknown to me the NY times real estate journalist contacted the arch diocesan press corps, who demonstrated no understanding or knowledge of theology when they stated that I am not really a priest and wanted to dismiss anything I say, and hence I refer to the latin phrase above, it is high time that the church demonstrated that it has had enough about … about molestation of youth by certain priests and only seems to be worried about the lawsuits and not worried about the moral issues involved, they were more interested in the press corps, its authoritarian position than acting on the word of Christ, love one another and love those who hate you or possibly disagree with you.

Here I stand raped by a Landlord worth $12 billion, Mr Kaufman by name, all in the cause of self will and in gaining my apartment so he can oppress others with unlawful rent charges. I shall go into details on this when I account for the landlord himself and Stuyvesant town, meanwhile my issue is to correct the churches position on where to help its children who are oppressed. I am one of those children, sad to say. Much more detail will follow later in other discourses, concerning other areas and issues, but for now the issue is the church and its result to the actual molestation of one of its priests or clergy, myself. I has been said that the wheels of the church grind very slowly, and ever so fine, I am not concerned with slow grinding or fine grinding that takes centuries to address and correct, no one lives long enough nor deserves the abuse that is ultimately delayed because the church will not react, except in its own good benefits.

So your holiness, there is so much to do and so little time to do it, but one act along the lines of what I have mentioned in this note would change the atmosphere in the church whereby the people will have gained great confidence in the ability of the church to act impartially and morally. You as Pope, are capable of acting independently and as a result of your own conceded thinking, so I beg you to start putting things right.

Perhaps you shall receive other notifications on this issue, but I assure you that whatever I provide you is verifiable information with more than one source,.

I thank you for you your kind attention, and I know you were almost slated to be pope because of your actions as archbishop in Buenos Aires.  As you may know I am also an Ajedrecista of high rank and have been invited numerours times to participate in Argentinian chess events, and was even present in 1978 when Argentina sponsored the world Chess championship. So Argentina was a kind of a second home for me and I am delighted that as a Catholic Archbishop you find it symbolically just to ride the bus to work, instead of a chauffeured limousine, which would have evidently been at his disposal at any time.

Anyway I appreciate your attention to my words, and I beg your indulgence and thank you for your patience.


Federal Court Serves My Complaint on New York State Court System

So here stand I served by my Stuyvesant Town Landlord with a Third Official Eviction Notice. The profiteer mongers, with the repeated aid of their brutal Legal Team, are content to repeat the same crime, supported by the repletion of the same fraudulent mathematics, thus to support their consistent crime.

When at Baruch College auditorium during a presumably Stuy Town tenant information reunion, I first heard the new owner’s address, I learned that he was dealing from the bottom of the deak. The man used the Term “Market Rate” apartments to be made copiously available! I correctly presumed that He decided he was addressing the ignorant. For who decides on the nature of “Market Rate”? The simple answer: the sweet-sounding profiteering and super-wealthy New Landlord! By the way, when I arrived, the Mayor was already speaking. Noting my beard, cane and elderly disabled state, no fewer than six members of the Baruch Security Team were content to attempt to extract me from the hall. I had to shoe off one of the particularly aggressive goon-square’s Security Team: “Please remove your hands from my person.” “You have to leave,“ said the brute, “This is private property.” “You are wrong,” replied I, “This institution is supported by government and other tax-deductible funding, and is therefore not at all Private Property. Furthermore, this is a public meeting, the attendance at which I have a perfect right.” I still had to continue pushing that so-called Security Person’s hands from assaulting my person. Within this continued commotion, not a single one of the politcian speakers thought to come to my assistance. The manager of the Hall, whom I later chanced to meet, was also disabled. He should have been embarrassed at this event. But instead claimed “to have seen everything,” as if I were in the wrong! What that disabled creature had not suspected is “that I retain complete evidence of the occasion” for possible future reference. I also thought to inform that “disabled” Manager that “his” Institution does not provide facility for the disabled. Finally, I am content to conclude and recommend strong reluctance to vote for any on stage that afternoon. Nor believe as containing any truth, the words of that New Owner!

So here I am for almost two years a regularly targeted victim of the Stuyvesant Town Landlords and their regular legal team. As if the accused in a Murder Trial, I have been and continue to be assaulted by those criminals. Those practiced liars repeat their lies and repeat the false figures under the guise of truth, for which they have not the slightest respect. Those Criminals delight in their Main Tool, the use of the NYC Housing Court, which never or hardly ever decides in favor of the Tenant. These in virtuous persons continue to use as their only tool that violent Housing Court, which no longer can claim, if ever it could validly claim, any Authority in my case.

As a defendant in and Eviction Suit, I already have set a World Record for length-of-Case! But I have already been received to ocean my Case at the Federal Appeals Court, an act I was consistent;y denied by the Housing Court. Thus I must deny readers of this account comments that should be said only in Court. But, if I may be permitted, one further salient episode. Despite the fact that the Housing Court had denied and continued to deny me My US Citizen’s Constitutional Right to “Trial by Jury,”, that imperious Housing Court decided to take, for the benefit of the Stuy Town Legal Team and the ST New Owner(who seems to know nothing about the case!), a final and brutal last shot at my person.

At this point, the last Friday in March of 2016, arrived at my door a rare Chess Student. When I opened the door to greet him, there taped on my door in shabby array was the latest “Eviction Notice” authorized by NYC Housing Court at the Motion of the ST New Landlord and his Legal Team, a constant and holdover from the previous owner. The date of the Document is March 28th, the coming Monday. So in clear Violation to my Constitutional Religious Right, those Lawyers pasted the Eviction Notice on Good Friday. As I understand that most of those lawyers are connected with Judaism, I do assert that that group would fail to appreciate a similar action against them on Yom Kippur. Of course, I also fail to claim that, given their importunate behavior, that any in their group at all practices the tenets of decency proffered by Judaism.

As in the first notice of Eviction “served” me almost two years ago, that Service was done with no notice of nor respect for the Legal Manner in which such a document must be served. The Official Server is allowed to Serve but once in a given day, and must Serve in-person. The Law is intended to prevent a rash of Eviction against incapax tenants(The Elderly, Disabled and/or Impoverished). One cannot say whether the Server Served more than one Service. We can say that he did not Serve Personally. Most likely another Janitorial Attendant received a pectinous benefit for his own assistance. So far, the Stuy Town Group has not quite come up to any observance of the Law.

But what those inauspicious types could not have expected, was the speedy action of the Federal District Court Judge, who had immediately noted the NYC Housing Court’s Violation of My Constitutional Right to a “Trial by Jury”, with which it failed to provide me and evidently never provides any of the unsuspecting defendants of Landlord Suits brought against them. And that is no mere technicality but Law that must be faithfully observed! For when the District Court Judge noticed that Housing Court had denied me My Constitutional Right to the common law right of a trial by jury under the Seventh Amendment and confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court (see Pernell v. Southall Realty, 416 U.S. 363 (1974)), she quickly notified the U.S. Marshalls to serve my complaint on the NYS Court System. Also we know as certain two other ideals. (One) Neither the Housing Court nor the ST Lawyers notified the Federal Court of the New Eviction Notice. (Two) That these need not now be concerned with that propriety, since my part has duly Notified the District Court of their (Housing Court and the ST Landlord) unkindly attempt on my Person.

Thus it is also truly noted, that since the NYC Housing Court failed to provide for My Constitutional right and regularly does not provide for that Right for anyone, so, therefore that Court has lost any Authority in the given conduct of the case against my Person and should, for whatever excuses these may propose, not be serving nor have served the Notice of Eviction crudely taped to my door, which was so affixed Contra Legem!

By the way, the door of my apartment, was my home for almost forty years. My Tenancy for which I have paid rent Protected by SCRIE for over a Decade! That rent remained the same ($1232.93 for the same period, that same decade. And also was to have remained protected upon the renewal of my Lease in May 2015! That is until someone tampered with my SCRIE account, to the extent likely of hacking the very SCRIE Computer!

Highly likely, by the bye, some mysterious person(s), who did tamper with my SCRIE Account. I beed a computer person to help discover the culprit. But, literally, the one party who may have benefited from that crime is the venerable ST Legal Arm.

One fine day, I received a Notice from SCRIE that I was deceased! Having found time a few days later, I visited SCRIE’s Office to investigate. The gentleman who checked the computer clearly was startled! He had noticed that even though the computer acclaimed my death, my live person sat before him. Now someone had to have illicitly entered the SCRIE Computer. Despite my studies in Theology, I have never been accused of being naive. But the SCRIE Official said there was some mistake and that, since my Account had been terminated, I must then reapply to open an account. I agreed and thought that the process would be simple. But in bureaucracy, there is nothing S-i-m-p-l-e! I gave him from memory my Social Security Number, which strangely conceded with the number already on his computer. But that was insufficient. “Do you ave a Social Security Card?” He asked. I counter-inquired: “Why would I have, carry or even find at home a paper card some 64 years old?” “As if he were dealing with a criminal, the man demanded more identity. I calmly extracted from a wallet my photo-ID driver’s license, traditionally obtained by providing the NYS Motor Vehicle Bureau with a SS#! Neither was that sufficient for that bureaucratic and discourteous type. He failed to reopen the SCRIE Account that afternoon. And shortly thereafter, I received a notification that my SCRIE Account had been closed. Lunatics running the asylum? No indeed! Lunativs are far from that ignorant!

Later, I received the following Notice from SCRIE: “Your account has been closed for the following reasons: Your account was terminated because on September of 2015 you failed to renew….” False! But I have saved the evidence for a substantial Suit against SCRIE. Soon enough SCRIE will discover that it has underestimated this elderly’s senility! A warning I had given ST Lawyer Michael Prince, before he had sent ST Security to inspect my Apartment on pretext of a “Health-Check! Incidentally, the text of my letter was posted on the Docket of the Housing Court. Perhaps much grief might have been avoided had the Judges of that Court and the ST Lawyers and Owner had read that letter!

I hope most readers have benefited from the present expatiation of my work. Sincerely, (The Rev.) Father William J. Lombardy, MA, M.Div. and M.A.—International Grandmaster of Chess, author of eight Chess Books, Working on an Autobiography, the Fischer Story (endemic to the last!) AND a Book entitled “Capitalism is Spelled C-R-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-S-M.” I had some forty years ago coined the word Crapitalism, which almost three years ago found its way into the Online Dictionary, but without my permission!

Items for Sale

I am selling the listed items herein. Please contact me if you are interested: 917-668-9362. Make an offer I can’t refuse (because it makes my jaw drop). If there is an art appraiser who would like to appraise the paintings below, please feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]












A history with the New York Times

Harold Charles Schonberg was a class C player who overpopulated the Manhattan Chess Club. He was, of course, the music critic for the Times for a number of years. He was doing good by doing well. But it turns out he was just a cheap, common hustler. Every person I spoke to when I told them I met Harold Schoenberg, responded, “You knew Harold Schonberg? He ruined every musical person he every reviewed.”

Harold Schoenberg (because he was being fed chess information from me for nothing), gave me little more than an occasional opera ticket as pay (which Harold never used). I never even got a dinner or a snack. Taking out a dollar from his pocket was too great a gesture.

And, in 1972 in Reykjavik, he was there in the Chess Match, inserting himself in because Fischer asked that three rows of seats be turned back to prevent being distracted. Thorarensen and I made a deal in which it would look like three rows would be missing.

When Bobby came out onto the stage, he shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head in approval. Schonberg inserted himself and said, “Well they only moved one row, not three rows.” I responded, “Harold. As far as you are concerned, three rows were moved.”

Harold punished me by giving the chess column to Robert Byrne who held it for years, all because Harold did not get extra private information on Fischer (which would have, of course, violated my position in the Match in which Fischer had a right to know that I was protecting his privacy — Not to mention being a fully ordained Roman Catholic Priest who must be held to a higher standard).

Robert Byrne and his wife lobbied for the Times’ chess position by kissing Harold’s ass.

Schoenberg was a rascal and every legitimate musical person thought so. Schonberg, for his part tried to promote that he was a real chess master, when, in fact, he was no better than a C-Class Player: Hence, Harold C. Schonberg.

Sadly, the Times has done no better with their reporting. The reporter, a one Matt Chaban, was supposed to write on the real estate and he couldn’t even do that. He showed me the landlord’s Major Crapital Improvement papers that are entirely fictitious and fraudulent. These papers were presented as evidence in a court of law (which makes them fraud).

Mr. Chaban did not do his job of equally presenting both sides. In fact, he told me that he would take my side, yet, when he appeared at my house and stole 4-5 hours of my time, was simply there to oppress me.

In fact, a fan of mine was the one who got in contact with Mr. Chaban. The whole point of the article was to present my side, since the landlord is already allowed to present their side by an extremely biased and entirely unconstitutional housing court that violates due process every day it refuses to notify defendant-tenants of their right to a trial by jury.

For 42 years, the New York County Housing Court, has been in violation of a Supreme Court decision that guarantees the right to a trial by jury under the 7th Amendment (Pernell v. Southall Realty, 416 U.S. 363 (1974)).

Furthermore, no one is sworn into Court, and therefore, landlords have no incentive to tell the truth.


Victims: All who occupy any apartment Landlords feel that require “Apartment Renovations” under the Guise of MCI (Major Capital Improvement), Namely and particularly, the Elderly, the Disabled and the Poor or bordering on impoverishment.

Rapists: Lawyers, Landlord Administrators and anyone else who serve he purpose of ousting a given Tenant from his/her Home.

The Scene: A large Hard Foam Mattress, on which may be thrown one or more captives to be prepared for, and subject to, Rape!

The Tale—[“One dark evening in a well hidden room in a remote tenement building removed from any possible suspicious sounds, an especially recalcitrant vicim was stripped and violently thrown face-down onto the bed. His arms were outstretched and restrained by chains at the end of each was a leather tie. The victim had been particularly rebellious for almost two years and was therefore to be subject to more regularly violent treatment. The Lawyers serving the Landlord and the Landlord Administrators, along with the Judges of the NYC Housing Court, took turns in the planned Rape.

One Rapist, a Fraudulent Attorney, was particularly violent, forced so great the sounds of anguish and complaints emitted from theVictim, that even at that remote and subversive location, the clamor attracted attention.

Suddenly there came from without shouts and hammering on the locked door. One of the Attorney Rapists, committed to his ardent and impetuous efforts, suddenly panicked and withdrew his machine from his efforts of pleasure. The hammering at the door became more intense and with that, the Rapist leapt off the bed. So, with his hastened leap, his wallet, laden with a large quantity of large-numbered bank notes, fell from his back pocket.

In his haste to escape notice and/ or capture, the active Rapist failed to notice his loss. After the rescuers freed the elderly man from his bonds, the Victim noticed the wallet and quietly stuffed same into his own back pocket.

Later, the Rapist, having regretted his financial loss, tried to reclaim the moneys in his wallet as funds he deserved to be returned to himself?! The Rapist in effect demanded to be rewarded for the Rape forced upon his Victim?

But this was not the end of the Tale! The Judges and the Court-Appointed Attorney for the Victim by the Housing Court both opined that such moneys represented funds to be defined as “back-rent”! Aren’t that nice! How charming! But nevertheless, how absurd!

And still, the Attorney, having abruptly quitted the Bed of Rape, repeated his claim to the presiding Judge that truly “the tenant owed back-rent of $49,000,”—!!

The presiding Judge quietly listened to that brutally false claim and seemed to have accepted that fraudulent assertion, that is, until the Victim quietly added: “If I owed $49,000.–, my butt would have long ago been tossed out into the street!”

To that, the Judge smiled, and seemed to smile in agreement with the Victim of the Rape. But her “agreement was tentative and abusive!

The Learned Judge (also currently being sued for damages in Federal Court!) suddenly pronounced her decision to hold immediate Trial upstairs in another Courtroom with a new Judge, equally oppressive to the requirements of Justice for the Victim of Rape,(and thus also being herself sued in Federal Court!) and such trial to be continued that very afternoon.

When the Rape Victim quietly cried in anguish of the gross unfairness of an immediate Trial without time to prepare for the Victim”(as if he were a common criminal, as are the Rapists pursuing him!). But the Learned Judge nevertheless re-pronounced her absurd, oppressive and entirely Unjust decision. The Victim began to consider that he was the Victim of Lobbying, currently and uniformly practiced by the New York Sate Legislature and United States Congress(noticedWorldwide!).

Fortunately the Rape Victim suffered an episode of Vertigo and so failed to appear for that so-called Trial in was was essentially a Kangaroo Court! of progress (!) of decent Housing nor that the application of Justice concerns not the crude behavior of the New York City Housing Court, nor the presenting Landlords, who customarily drag into those precincts the particularly helpless victims(So they believe!) of the Elderly, the Disabled the impoverished or any combination of such targets. Simply put, the judges of said Court of Justice pursues policies that present the Court as “an exchange place for Landlords”.

The New York City Housing Court not do its Judges do concern itself with the behavior or ethics of its own Judges nor the attorneys for the Stuyvesant Town apartment development managed by Compass—DLL. Those latter have the free run of that Court and are allowed free reign! Thus a Citizen can expect no Justice in those precincts, nor even basic decency!

Submitter by I, (The Reverend) William J. Lombardy, (MA, M.Div and MA), in low regard for the NYC Housing Court, in my person and to and towards the bench of Judge Milin, so that she and her associated Judges may be instructed of my Constitutional Right to represent myself, and thus to appoint such persons I choose to represent my person when I cannot be present in the Court (particularly in this criminally prolonged Case of almost two years!), even when it does not please the Judge of the aforesaid Court that such appointee is not accepted as a “Lawyer”!. I had long ago decided to represent myself, without the dubious privilege of the assistance of a lawyer, whether Court-appointed or otherwise.

The Judge claimed that were I not to be personally present at any Court date, then I must have a 

Lawyer represent me, rather than, as has been my Legal Right and custom. I had thus chosen the assistance of Mr. David Siudzinski and/or John Carlo—or both. In fact, those generous person choose gratis to provide their most able assistance!

The Learned Judge Milan is prejudicial towards Lawyers and against the presence of non-Lawyers in her Court, while I care not for any given Lawyer generally to speak for me. As far as I know, the Judge’s opinion is prejudicialto my Constitutional Right of “Self-representation.” Thus she is entirely out of step with my own Constitutional Right of self-representation!

In other words, if for any reason I were not to be present in the Court(as ordered by the Court), then a punitive Default Judgment might well be criminally applied by the Court), then I might well be unfairly and Unjustly penalized by a “Court actually applying that so-called “Judgment”. 

In fact, earlier in this Case, Judge Katz had already pronounced such a vile “Default Judgment”, when she neither accepted the validity of my reasonably , together with the meaning of the phraseology of the contents of that document, generally meant to protect the Citizen and not an Oppressive and Prejudicial Court.

However, and for some time, that Default Judgment stood for about a year to plague me, hanging over my head like the Sword of Damcles! Default Judgment”(which had been pronounced through the offices and dubious authority of Judge Katz)did not proceed further.That only because NY Court-Appointer Attorney decided on is own volition to trade off what was essential to the defense of my defense, The following will support this statement.

To: New York City Mayor William De Blasio

My Dear Mayor,

The first and only time I saw you personally was at the seductive announcement of the sale of Stuyvesant Town, This was at the Baruch Center. 

You began your speech as I arrived. Yes, I am the person with a gray beard and a cane. Apparently, you are somewhat short -sighted, for you seemed not to notice nor said any word to my assistance as no fewer than four public safety officers decided that I was a misplaced person and should be extracted. 

I had to firmly instruct one of those creature to remove his hands from my person, which situation is technically and minimally assault. You should not be Mayor if you believe that a man with a gray beard and a cane is “out of order.” 

Still you remain delivering your speech. The “Security” Person remained close to me with his hands ever ready to pounce. I quietly waved my hands to remove his body to a respectable distance. As the man moved back, about a foot, another creature informed me that I “was trespassing”. 

I asked that creature not to instruct me, since the Baruch Center and College is paid for by public funds. I could also have told him that I knew Bernard Baruch. But what would that matter to such a creature. I also learned from the person administering the building that he had observed the entire affair. But since I am not blind, I knew he was too far away to decently observe. He, like myself, says that he is “disabled.” But there is not a single seat in the auditorium that properly accommodates the “Disabled”. 

Still the effort to extract continued while you continued your his-sounding speech. I firmly stated that I had a perfect right to attend this event. I regret having voted for you since you are not a Mayor for the needs of the People. Sorry, but the evidence is clear. 

Finally, is the City to become my Landlord at Stuy Town? I understand that the City has purchased the Stuy Town “Air Rights” for the ghastly impressive sum of $350,000,000! 

What could be behind that scheme? Perhaps the City could assist me against the Landlord’s entirely illegal eviction for reasons of his own profiteering. Are you in charge of supervising the New York City Housing Court? That Court is rather well known “as an exchange place for the Landlord!” Even when I moved to a higher Court, CompassRock (Stuy Town’s management) tried to drag me back to the Housing Court! Bring back Jimmy Walker. At least he had rhythm!


Reverend Father William J. Lombardy

12 Stuyvesant Oval, Apartment 6-B

New York, NY 10009

November 4, 2015

Supreme Court, Appellate Division

First Judicial Department

Departmental Disciplinary Committee

61 Broadway, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10006

An Open letter to Members of the “Disciplinary” Committee:

The American public has little respect for lawyers. And with ample reasons. As far back as the 17th Century, William Shakespeare said, “First, kill all the lawyers!” Benjamin Franklin noted in both caricature and text that, “one should firmly avoid lawyers and stay out of courts entirely if possible.” Gilbert and Sullivan wrote a play critical of lawyers, and even in the Roman Empire (over the course of 1,500 years), the lawyers could never claim a clean slate as their reputation. Not only were the emperors highly suspicious of “the click” known as the legal community, they were roundly criticized and they knew that there was already the danger that the lawyers could use the laws for their own agenda, which your bar association is ready to do by the very fact that you refuse to accept the criticism outlined in a clear document by my side, which states (without any error) exactly the defects in his behavior. These were defects because we pointed out that they were not only defects, they were serious fraud, and he paid no attention to the requests of his client, except by a patronizing manner in every letter he wrote.

Every letter he wrote to this elderly clergyman (Reverend Father William J. Lombardy, M.A., M.Div., M.A.) who was previously proud that a religious man (an orthodox jew) was representing him, reminded me of the apparently mentally defective Reverend Father William J. Lombardy, M.A., M.Div., M.A. that “the reason I took your case was to prevent your eviction.” Stuff and nonsense!

It seems to me, the very reason Mr. Rubin Englard (member of the New York State Bar) took the case and likely the only reason was that he was getting ample compensation, monetarily. He gets guaranteed money by taking clients who are indigenous to poverty. Just as the swearing of the hippocratic oath as a person enters the medical field as Doctor of Medicine does not guarantee his or her ethic, so to does a member of the bar who has sworn to be ethical cannot guarantee to the public that he or she will not violate his or her oath.

The violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct is technically, and actually, a violation of law, and the bar association full well knows that. Apparently, the evidence we presented versus Mr. Englard apparently was not sufficient in their confusion. We presented you with one fact after another that Mr. Englard perpetrated.

The Reverend Father William J. Lombardy, M.A., M.Div., M.A. knew from experience, study and valid evidence, that the representative of the landlord (the only representative that we are aware) was acting fraudulently. Now it is imminently clear that I do not use words emptily. He was perpetrating a fraud.

Not once did Mr. Englard even object to the fact that the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) — which keeps records on what landlord’s charge their tenants for rent — has no record of my being in my apartment for the last 15 years!

After filing a complaint with the “Departmental Disciplinary Committee” stating fact after fact: violation of procedure, law and ethical code, and after receiving your patronizing response, I no longer wonder why lawyers have incurred so much reasonable criticism over the centuries.

Shakespeare was correct; there are nearly no lawyers on this planet who will live by the standards of moral and professional decency most citizens (and non-citizens) have come to expect from salaried professionals, and my knowledge of history (which is rather extensive), including the 1,500 years of Roman history; the lawyers were somewhat better than they are now. Nowadays lawyers are in the habit of doing anything they please because they don’t expect to be corrected.

You have been accustomed to having your way, and when you see that a lawyer is not having his way and is severely threatened with criticism your association that once had some respect simply has lost even that. You do not wish to take into account the shavy behavior of a comrade in arms, and react like a spoiled child, closing ranks to protect a member of your crowd.

You forget that when you take an oath to pass the bar that the violation of an oath is a crime. But, you passed off our list of crimes as if they were a list of meaningless gibberish and not to be taken seriously, when the proof is there before your very eyes. You reacted by closing rank to protect your ever-so-admirable buddy: Childish behavior, when it concerns accusation of crime, by, of all people, a legal association. This is not a street gang that protects it’s own or a crime family.

So, you mock my person as if I were purveying to you a revelation of my ignorance, when, instead, I can prove (and I have already told you in my complaint) that I gave you chapter and verse of the violations that are well enough documented by any schoolboy. If you exhibited such behavior in a courtroom before a judge as “trivial,” you would already be behind bars. Therefore, you have forfeited any respect your bar association once held by your own casual treatment of reprehensible action. Furthermore, there to protect me, Rubin Englard was instead there to protect the landlord and I can certainly prove that.

Furthermore, let us note that the actions of lawyers in our modern age in our modern country are longer capable of meriting that respect I say you have forfeited.

Forbes magazine (January 18, 2013) says “It’s OK to Hate Lawyers.” The author of this article is a lawyer, herself, and she says that “Cronyism runs law firms.” Cronyism rather obviously runs the “Disciplinary Committee,” too!  Your decision proves it! Huffington Post (July 12, 2011) asks and answers: “Why We Dislike Lawyers.”  The latest Harris poll “puts attorneys way down at the bottom of the list of the public’s general perception of occupations that have the most honesty and integrity.”

That I can provide substantial evidence to you of my lawyer’s abject incompetence and his obvious bias in favor of my profiteering opponent and you do nothing about it, suggests (in the very least) an unconscious bias (and taking pleasure in the rape of my person — which my attorney knew of, fast moving into two years by my landlord — while my life is on hold while my lawyer loves the landlord) in you towards your own profession, not the decency you supposedly value.

If Rubin Englard were a heart surgeon, he would have murdered me on the operating table by ripping my heart to shreds with a meat clever and you would have applauded his “fine surgery” as a miracle of modern science.

How else can I describe Mr. Englard’s dubious failure to deliver on his noble (but unfulfilled) promise to help me receive SSDI whilst my income dwindles so dangerously low? How else can I describe Mr. Englard’s abject failure to demand real and solid evidence that I did not pay legitimate rental charges? How else can I describe Mr. Englard’s princely demand that I (a disabled senior) meet up with him and he, thereafter, is the one who fails to show up? The list goes on and on and you—a “disciplinary committee”—can do nothing but applaud his professional lack of diligence.

I’m afraid you have left me with no choice but to go public with my evidence!

CNN reports in a segment titled “Dr. Oz Suit is Another Reason People Hate Lawyers.” (March 25, 2013) Who knows what CNN will say after my Second Circuit Appeal is rendered public? The New York Post has already interviewed me for several hours.

Your recent decision not to reprimand Mr. Englard, my attorney of some six (6) months, will not simply disappear like a puff of smoke into the wind, most especially when the day may shortly arrive when the populace rises up against you and takes to heart Shakespeare’s bloody advice.

Since you took over six (6) months to reach a conclusion, and, even then, you were wrongly defending the guilty — but that would be standard operating procedure for your profession, now wouldn’t it? — so much so that you rather praise the guilty than discipline them, as the title you purport to sponsor (Disciplinary Committee) demands by pure logic you do as you say.

Should I not hear from your committee with a more reasonable conclusion, given the evidence provided you, I will be forced to reveal to the greater public (through my own resources and connections) the reprehensible decision you made to honor the guilty rather than discipline him as you should properly do.

As a priest with much forgiveness in my heart for even the most foul sinner, I pray for your souls that soon you might become enlightenment to the fact that the guilty need not always be defended with swords of selfish reason.

Committee Members! Your vile and repugnant defense of Mr. Englard won’t go unnoticed. The public shall hear of this villainy protecting villainy. I pray that you recognize the foolishness of defending such a morally bankrupt attorney as Rubin Englard before you meet your Creator, whom I have spent many decades getting to know, mind you.

If we can say anything with great assurance it is this, my fellow creatures: Our Loving Creator does not smile upon those who would so easily dishonor and disrespect the “least of us” for mere profit. Mr. Englard and you (as a “Disciplinary Committee”) are profiteering off the backs of disabled and impoverished tenants batting a corrupt Housing Court and professional landlords that will (apparently) stop at nothing to throw rent-paying tenants out of their apartments. Why? To replace them with deep pockets who are willing to pay double and triple what loyal tenants have paid for decades (so as to remain in their apartments under protection of “law”).

In God’s Holy name I pray your misguided souls find redemption in rectifying your repugnant response to my legitimate complaint,

Reverend Father William J. Lombardy, M.A., M.Div., M.A.